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Dallas Cowboys

Clueless Cowboys Off-Season Woes Spiraling Out Of Control

What moves should Dallas be making this offseason?

It is not even free agency, and yet this has been a very long off-season for the Cowboys. Since crashing out of the playoffs to the 49ers in the Wildcard round, there has been unrest since. And there seems to be no clear direction or plan heading into the off-season. That being said, let’s discuss what is going on with the Dallas Cowboys so far this offseason.

Power Struggle

First came Dallas overlord Jerry Jones casting doubt about whether Head Coach Mike McCarthy was the right man to lead the team forward into 2022. He cited there are already two good head coaches in the building, referring to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive genius Kellen Moore. Mike McCarthy fired back with his own interview on the Rich Eissen show. Jerry did not like this at all, and it now seems that the Dallas Head Coach is on the chopping block. It looks like the second his team slips up he will be out the door.

Indecision Seeping Through The Cowboys

Then there is the handling of Big D’s biggest star’s futures. Fan-favorite Amari Cooper seems to be on his way out of Arlington, Texas. This will save the Cowboys $16 million in cap space. The move itself is reasonable and smart, however, the handling is anything but. The Dallas front office has looked at the possibility of trading their WR but all the teams interested are aware if Dallas can’t find a trade they shall cut him.

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The result is teams now being reluctant to entertain a trade with Dallas when they have a chance for him in free agency without having to give picks or players up. Compounding misery to the Cowboys situation is the likelihood of another wide receiver hitting free agency. Michael Gallup and his representatives were disappointed by the Cowboys’ offer and seem to be weighing up their offers.

The breakout star on offense last season was TE Dalton Schultz. He has now been franchised tag and will earn around $10.5 million if a deal cannot be reached by July. DeMarcus Lawrence is said to be frustrated as he was asked to take a pay cut; so soon after he received the big bucks from the Jones family. Showing once again that there never seems to be a long-term plan in Arlington.

New Season, Same Problems

It is never quiet for America’s team but they never make it easy for themselves. The proclaimed big businessmen of Stephen and Jerry Jones, seem to cave into players’ demands when it comes to contracts. You just need to ask Dak, Zeke, and DeMarcus Lawrence. So do not be surprised when they use the Cooper money to fund an overpaid contract for Gallup who is no more than a second receiver at best.

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The Dallas Cowboys off-season can only get better from here. But there is no clear long-term plan with a head coach. And with how the front office bends to the will of players without a fight, it is hard to see Dallas being competitive going into the 2022 season.

Who offseason moves should the Dallas Cowboys be making? Comment below and join the discussion!

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