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Yankees Sign Stealing Letter To Be Unsealed

The Yankees and Red Sox thought they were done with the 2017 cheating scandal. The Yankees Letter has something to say about that.

On Thursday night, the Ravens continued their record preseason win streak with a win over the Titans. Even in the preseason, there are takeaways to be had. Here are ours.

According to Evan Drellich, Senior Writer at The Athletic, a court has ruled a letter produced by Major League Baseball will be unsealed. This letter deals with the 2017 sign stealing incident related to the New York Yankees.

What does this mean? Essentially, the public will be able to compare public comments made by the Yankees, Red Sox and MLB Commissioner to determine if, in fact, those public comments were true.

Going back to 2017, when this incident occurred, remember it centered around an Apple Watch. According to some, the Boston Red Sox were communicating signs to players through an Apple Watch function.

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You can read the entire document here:

There will be no repercussions – monetarily or loss of games – due to the unsealing of the Yankees letter.

This is an interesting development because as recently as June 2020, a different Judge had decided to not release the letter. That Judge believed information in the letter was already public. However, that appears to not be the case. Why else would this Judge usurp a fellow bench sitter?

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However, this will fly in the face of the lack of trust fans and players have with Major League Baseball management. Transparency is key for organizations no matter the size. Lack of transparency is easily spotted these days because of the internet, courts and Freedom of Information Act requests. Therefore, it is imperative Major League Baseball, going forward, will promise the utmost transparency especially when it comes to cheating allegations.

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