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Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Sign Luq Barcoo: Initial Reactions

What are your thoughts on the Chiefs signing Luq Barcoo?

The Chiefs have made another depth signing, this time in their secondary. The Chiefs love to bring in underrated players who stood out in college, which is what they did here. They have signed former San Diego State University standout cornerback Luq Barcoo:

In his senior year in 2019, Barcoo tallied 55 total tackles, .5 sacks, nine interceptions, and 16 pass defends; he ranked first throughout college in 2019 in interceptions and pass defends. Here are my initial reactions to this breaking news:

Luq Barcoo: A Could Be Solid Depth Piece/Special Teamer

With the loss of Mike Hughes to the Detroit Lions, the Barcoo addition makes sense to add some depth at the position. Furthermore, with primary special teamer Chris Lammons who lists as a cornerback not re-signed, the Chiefs need depth at special teams too to offset the probable non-re-signing of Lammons. Barcoo has just that; he has the speed and agility, making him a capable special teamer. He also has good tackling abilities to add to that too.

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Needs Some Refinement In Coverage

Barcoo’s last playing time was in 2020 when he played three games for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He did not do that great; Barcoo was targetted 16 times where he allowed 11 completions for 146 yards and two touchdowns in just three games. He was burnt, turned around, and was made a mockery of throughout, landing him a 31.6 PFF grade. An example is shown below:

To say he needs some refinement is an understatement; he’s been on practice squads for the 2021 season, working on his game with the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. I feel the Chiefs can coach him well, as they’ve done with late-round/undrafted corners like Rashad Fenton and former Chiefs’ cornerback Charvarius Ward.

What are your thoughts on the Chiefs signing Luq Barcoo? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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