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Should The Cowboys Bring Back Former Receiver Cole Beasley?

Should the Cowboys bring back former receiver Cole Beasley?

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Once upon a time, a long time ago (10 years to be exact), an undrafted free agent receiver named Cole Beasley was signed by the Cowboys. Beasley became a household name for Dallas year after year. In seven seasons, he became a reliable option in the passing game. Beasley’s best season was easily 2016 when he finished with 75 catches for 833 yards and five touchdowns.

So where am I going with this? Well, Beasley is now a free agent. Buffalo released the veteran receiver on March 17th to make room for their newest addition in Von Miller (six years, $120 million). With Beasley now on the market, it got me thinking. What if a phone call from the Jones family could bring him back to Dallas? Let’s check out if bringing Beasley back is a smart move or not, shall we?

Yes, Bring Back Cole Beasley

Money-wise this deal is definitely possible. Beasley was going to make $6.1 million in 2022 and have a cap hit of just over $7.5 million. After the other moves Dallas has made, they should have about $15 million left in cap space. A one or two-year deal for about $6 million a year is not an insane price tag.

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If the Cowboys want to make a move to help them in the long run, bringing in a veteran receiver familiar with the system would not be a bad move. Beasley still has plenty left to give and could thrive in an offense in need of more wide receiver depth.

There isn’t really any traction on Beasley returning to Dallas. The only inkling of this would be when Bobby Belt from Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan said there is likely some “mutual interest” between Beasley and the Cowboys about a potential reunion. Does this mean anything? Maybe, maybe not but I think a deal could and should be looked into. More receiver depth and experience at that position is never a bad thing. Especially with Amari Cooper gone and Michael Gallup still recovering from his ACL injury, Beasley could be a big help.

No, Do Not Bring Back Cole Beasley

While Dallas has cap space to make a deal happen, it is not worth the hassell. Beasley was caught right in the middle of off field drama due to his views on the COVID shots. That being said, there is a reason why Buffalo did not find his contract worthwhile moving forward both money wise and likely other reasons.

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I think Dallas will be fine for the most part at wide receiver. Sure Beasley would bring depth and experience but Dallas needs to turn new pages not go back and reread old ones. Dallas has pieces that can help this offense regain its footing. Unfortunately, I do not see why Beasley truly fits into that picture at least for right now. I loved watching Beasley with Dallas years ago but that time is long gone.

Final Verdict: Bring Back Beasley

Even though I just pointed why signing Beasley makes no sense, I see more positives than negatives. Beasley would provide that bridge of production until Gallup is back to full abilities. Dak and Beasley are familiar with each other so there would be no time lost. This kind of deal is something that might be the difference between a wild card round loss and winning a Super Bowl. If I was the Cowboys, go bring back a familiar face to bolster your wide receiver room.

Should Dallas look to bring back Cole Beasley? Comment below and join the discussion!

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