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Tennessee Titans

Should Titans Fans Be Worried About Treylon Burks?

Treylon Burks runs through drills during the Titans first rookie minicamp of 2022.

Some fans have probably seen some concerning headlines about the Tennessee Titans’ rookie first-round pick. Is there reason to be concerned as a Titans fan?

Recently, as a Titans fan, you may have seen some concerning headlines regarding the team’s first-round pick just over a month ago. Former Arkansas Razorback wide receiver, Treylon Burks, has been in the headlines lately regarding an “insider report.” The reports claim that Burks was “gassed” or exhausted during workouts before the NFL Draft, suggesting that he was not in peak physical shape.

During a time when players are typically in the best shape of their lives as they go through several workouts that are essentially auditioning for the NFL, these reports would not reflect well on Treylon Burks if true.

Why would these types of reports be coming out after the NFL Draft as the teams begin to settle into their pre-season programs?

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There appears to be an active campaign against Treylon Burks

Treylon Burks wasn’t the most popular pick in the Titan’s team history. It came on the heels of a trade that sent the team’s star wide receiver, AJ Brown, to the Philadelphia Eagles for the pick used to select Burks. The trade wasn’t popular immediately, especially because Brown was still young, a focal point of the Tennessee passing attack, and a budding superstar.

Burks, however, struggled through the pre-draft process, the time period when fans are normally tuned into the NFL Draft. Burks didn’t test as well as some people had expected at the NFL Combine in March, running a 4.55 forty-yard dash and leaping 33 vertical inches and 10’2″ in the broad jump. With the athletic ability that he had shown in college, some fans and analysts expected better numbers from Burks.

Treylon Burks is really a “game speed” prospect. What I mean by that is that his forty times are good, not great, but his speed on the field is great. People forget that when football players run a forty-yard dash, they are running wearing shorts and a t-shirt. When football players run forty yards on the field, they are wearing a helmet, shoulder pads, and anything else that they need as a part of their uniform. Some players run faster with pads on than others do, because their bodies are either built better or conditioned to carry the extra weight.

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My thoughts on Treylon Burks as an NFL prospect

I am an independent consultant for several agencies that work with the NFL with my business, Football Sapient. I scout these players and give my opinions to other agents who hope to work their contracts in the NFL, advising them on where they could be selected and talking about some of the deeper nuances of the prospects game, matching them with scheme fits, and so on.

Burks himself is a phenomenal prospect. He has very good hands, catches well through contact, and can go up vertically to make plays when he needs to. At 6’2″ and 224 pounds, Burks has a great build that is comparable to players like AJ Brown and Deebo Samuel. His forty-yard dash situation is way overblown, I don’t think that anyone is too concerned with a 4.55 at his size. Plus, as I noted before, he plays much faster on the field than he does in shorts through drills.

The only thing that Treylon Burks was really “knocked” for on his scouting report from me was his route running. He needs to refine that part of his craft better – and he will in time. With the youth being infused into this offense between Malik Willis, Kyle Phillips, and Hassan Haskins, the Titans look prepared for a future full of surprises and excitement.

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