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Top Ten NFL MVP Candidates

Who Will Win 2022 MVP?

MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers

The NFL Is Tricky With MVPs

Remember, this won’t go to the very best player, it will more than likely go to a quarterback. So, remember that before you freak out.

10: Johnathan Taylor, Colts, RB

I was incredibly high on JT coming out of the draft after watching him for numerous years at Wisconsin, and luckily for him, he got sent to the NFL’s best offensive line. The Indianapolis Colts. He absolutely dominated last season racking up over 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns. I’m a huge fan of him and what he can do, and sadly that is why he makes the list at all. It is incredibly tough for a running back to do what he did twice, let alone get the award. I love him, but don’t see it happening.

9: Derrick Henry, Titans, RB

I know, I know, I just said it was incredibly tough for a running back to win MVP, and it is. But if anyone can, it is “The King”. When he is healthy, Henry is probably the strongest and most dominant man in the NFL. Just ask Josh Norman or any of the others players whose careers he has ended with his insane stiff arms. In eight games last year, he had 937 yards and ten touchdowns. That is basically on pace with Taylor. As long as he plays, he will be in the conversation.

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8: Joe Burrow, Bengals, QB

Our first quarterback entry on the list, and it’s a good one. Burrow, once he had his favorite target from college torched the league last year. Well, until the Superbowl (Tee Higgins’s TD was a penalty). Regardless, after an elite campaign where he showed what he could do, and with the weapons around him, the man is a contender for MVP. If he and Jamarr Chase both stay healthy, the sky is the limit for these two.

7: Lamar Jackson, Ravens, QB

So our next player is a former MVP, and he could be making a run for it again. Forget the “Running back” jokes, the dude is an incredible playmaker. If he or the rest of the Ravens could have stayed healthy last year, we might have seen them in the playoffs. The only reason I’m skeptical of him being able to win this is they lack a true wide receiver, (Rashod Bateman is still an unknown) and I do not think the league is ready to give a rushing quarterback another MVP.

6: TJ Watt, Steelers, Edge

The first (and only) defensive player on this list. Yes Steelers fans, this also means Myles Garrett doesn’t make it. Watt has been absolutely spectacular for the Steelers since leaving Wisconsin and he has earned his spot on this list. Last year, he finished with 22.5 Sacks, 21 tackles for loss, and 64 tackles. He tied the single-season sack record last year. This dude is nuts and deserving of being in the MVP conversation.

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5: Justin Herbert, Chargers, QB

Herbert now has the tools to do it all in his third season. He was awesome last year throwing for over 5000 yards and 38 touchdowns, but now he has a defense. The Chargers ranked towards the bottom of the league last year in terms of defensive ranking and it showed. There were so many games that he kept them in, that the defense blew. With the addition of Khalil Mack and JC Jackson, he might actually have the supporting cast to make this run.

4: Aaron Rodgers, Packers, QB

The most talented quarterback in NFL history comes in at fourth on our list for this year. He would be higher, but there are two glaring issues for why I strongly doubt he will win it. Well first, he did lose the best wideout in the NFL, that being Davante Adams to the Raiders. The other key issue is that he did win it in back-to-back years, so I don’t they want to let him three-peat. But that being said, he threw for over 4100 yards with 37 touchdowns and only four interceptions. So you don’t count the “Bad Man” out.

3: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, QB

I feel as if this is everyone’s safest pick as he is so constantly good. But, there is one key thing now missing this year compared to others, that being Tyreek Hill. Hill and Mahomes have been arguably the NFL’s best duo since they started connecting in 2018. But fairly unexpectedly, Hill wanted a trade this off-season, and go it. Mahomes is still Mahomes though. In the absence of Hill, they did bring in MVS and Juju Smith-Schuster to help aid him. But he still has Mahomes magic and Travis Kelce. So we will see what he can do now, without his dynamic duo.

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2: Tom Brady, Buccaneers, QB

The absolute GOAT of the sport we all love, very well might win it, at 45 years of age. If you said that about anyone five years ago, you would have been laughed at till death. But the man doesn’t age. Last year he put up 5316 yards with 43 touchdowns to only six interceptions. The key thing that puts him ahead of Mahomes and Rodgers? His team has returned. Outside of possibly Gronk, everyone he truly cared about/needed is coming back to help him. Don’t you dare count out the Goat.

1: Josh Allen, Bills, QB

The number one entry here is kind of an easy pick, but a necessary one. The NFL MVP will more than likely go to Josh Allen. Allen is one of the NFL’s best young talents, and with Hill leaving Kansas City, he has his shot to escape Mahomes shadow. He had a heartbreaking loss to Mahomes in the greatest NFL game I’ve ever seen. But now, he is back with a vengeance. Gabriel Davis has gotten better, Knox is back and Diggs will only be better with him. Plus they drafted James Cook to support the running game? If that defense plays to their par, he is a shoe-in.

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