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What The Kyler Murray Extension Means For NFC West Teams In 2022 And Onward

Will Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals be able to win a Superbowl?

Kyler Murray Throwing The Ball

Will Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals be able to win a Superbowl?

Kyler Murray Has Signed A Five Year Extension

We look at the long list of quarterbacks in the NFL who are getting big money in extensions; it made sense for Murray to be next in line. The 2019 first overall pick has been very good for the Cardinals throughout his time in Arizona, culminating in the Cardinals and Murray agreeing on the five-year, 230 million dollar extension. Which now also puts him at the third highest average salary amongst quarterbacks. But this affects more teams than just the Cardinals. But it primarily affects the NFC West, their key rivals. Let’s dive into precisely how.

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Seattle Seahawks: They Can Keep Crying

They haven’t had to worry about quarterbacks since they got their guy in the 2012 draft. But now, with Russel Wilson gone, and this added punctuation to the fact that other teams in their division are being better, it is not a good time to be a Seattle fan. While it was obvious that the Seahawks would now be the punching bag of the division, after years of playoff consistency, it will be in a worse fashion than even thought to be. Drew Lock and Geno Smith will be battling it out for the starting quarterback. This is a sentence that no NFL teams want to hear. They are probably feeling a bit jealous. Good luck, Seattle.

San Francisco 49ers: Paycheck Day Is Getting Closer

The 49ers have their own weird thing going on at quarterback currently. While it is clear they plan to move forward with Trey Lance, they have yet to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. But this deal is scary because these guys are getting paid earlier and earlier. If he plays well, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to extend Lance after this season. Then there is the whole issue with Deebo Samuel. It is still unclear whether or not he wants to trade or will play a different role than the one he excelled in last season.

I fully expect to see this team take a massive hit. This was a team a play away from going to the Superbowl. But now, either Deebo Samuel will be gone or paid heavily and used not to his best ability. It is rare to see quarterbacks succeed in their first season at the helm of an offense. Patrick Mahomes was an anomaly that gave fans false hope for their teams. You better hope you have to pay up for Lance. Or something went wrong.

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Los Angeles Rams: Who Cares? We Just Won The Superbowl

The Rams shouldn’t have a single care. They should honestly, reasonably quickly, continue their ownership of the division with another stout defense returning. Murray is 1-5 in his career versus the Rams, and the Rams should take it as no more than just that. You have brought in Bobby Wagner, and other talents, retained Aaron Donald for at least another season, and have the best cornerback in the NFL guarding the best wide receivers week in and week out. If Stafford and Kupp can replicate their connection again this season, there are no signs of slowing down. I didn’t even mention the healthy Cam Akers. Scary sights.

Arizona Cardinals: Great, Now Fire Kingsbury

You did the most pressing thing on your to-do list. Now, fire your coach. Kingsbury is the one holding this team back. He cracks under pressure, and his play calling is skeptical at best most of the time. You are a consistent playoff team if Deandre Hopkins gets off the PEDs and Kingsbury is fired. I understand the belief that Murray is the one who cracks, but it isn’t fair to entirely blame it on him. Kingsbury was primarily hired because he coached Patrick Mahomes. Don’t be fooled any more Arizona. Get rid of Kingsbury if you want to win.

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