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Las Vegas Raiders

This Raiders Veteran Will Win The MVP In 2022

Not since Rich Gannon in 2002 have the Raiders had a player win the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award. Will that change this season? You better believe it will.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr takes the snap

Not since Rich Gannon in 2002 have the Raiders had a player win the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award. Will that change this season? You better believe it will.

Yes, you did read the headline correctly. Place your bets today on the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback to win MVP for the first time in his career. Derek Carr is now sitting at +2800, which may be a significant return on investment, as explained below. You may be wondering why I’m not betting on the usual favorites. I’m going to tell you three reasons why not only can he win it, but it’s a shame his odds are so low at +2800 since he should be an outright favorite to win over those above him.

One – The Raiders Have Given Him A Deadly Arsenal Of Weapons

When you look at the individuals Derek Carr has to throw the ball to on the Raiders offense, it’s simply unfair. You have one of the best route runners in the league in Hunter Renfrow, who people consistently overlook because of how he looks, not realizing he’s played extremely well against some of the league’s top corners. Then there’s Darren Waller, a top-three tight end who is a matchup nightmare that necessitates double teams. That isn’t enough since his monstrous frame and speed are simply too much to cover.

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Not only do you have two terrific pass catchers, but you also have a hybrid running-back tandem in Josh Jacobs and youngster Zamir White, which adds to the devastation that Carr will cause to opposing defenses.

Last but not least he’s playing with the best wide receiver in the league, who also happens to be his best friend. Some guy by the name of Davante Adams joined the team this offseason; perhaps you’ve heard of him. The addition of Adams is the chef’s kiss to this offense. If teams had problems trying to cover just Waller and Renfrow imagine the issues they’ll have attempting to cover all three. The Raiders have the best receiving core, not just in the loaded AFC West, but perhaps in the entire NFL.

Two – Carr Has Been Consistent With His Passing Yards For The Raiders Recently

Carr was fifth in passing yards last season despite his primary target being sidelined for most of the season due to injury, and with Zay Jones, Hunter Renfrow, and Bryan Edwards as his targets. This was accomplished without a legitimate number one option; in fact, since 2018, he has thrown for over 4,000 yards in each season.

So, if he’s doing all of this without the best talent to throw to, what will Carr accomplish now that he has it? You’d have to be nuts to think he doesn’t set some passing Raiders yardage records this season with the team he has this year.

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Three – Carr Has The Coach To Deliver Him What He Needs From The Raiders

When Marc Davis opted to give Josh Mcdaniels the keys to the offense, it was met with mixed emotions, owing to his failure in Denver. This time he’s learned from his mistakes and also has the necessary players to work it. He has a fantastic offensive mind, and he’ll get the most out of his quarterback, Derek Carr; you’ll see a side of him you’ve never seen before this season with the Raiders. Expect bombs to be flung all over the field, as well as someone who is weary of being disrespected by media outlets. This is essentially a revenge tour for McDaniels and Carr. MVP, here we come.

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