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College Sports

Is College Football Ready For This Unbelievable NBA Legend?

Is Lebron James really considering playing college football at Ohio State?

Lebron James exploring NCAA Eligibility to play college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes? Are you serious? I thought he wanted to play with his son in the NBA. How is he planning on doing all of this?

James has said numerous times that he would have played for the Ohio State University if he would have chosen to play college basketball, but who knew he wanted to play college football there too? Maybe he got caught up in the moment or maybe he regrets his decision not to go to college.

Could Lebron Still Have College Eligibility?

Lebron didn’t use any college eligibility at all because went straight from high school to the NBA without playing any college sports. So, without someone checking it out then I think it’s too early to even rule out that he definitely could not play for the football Buckeyes.

If he didn’t play college basketball, then Lebron has said he may have played football and wanted to go to the NFL. He was a two-time All-Ohio wide receiver at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School. The Ohio State head football coach at the time, Jim Tressel recruited him thinking he could do both in college.


Everyone that follows Lebron on Twitter was shocked Saturday when he tweeted out, “Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball? How does that rule work?”

Well, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith wouldn’t let that one slide especially since so many fans were tagging him in their responses back to Lebron James.

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Could He Play College Football?

Well, yes, I’m sure he could. Lebron is a special athletic talent. However, whether he could play at Ohio State is a different question because he is 38 years old and he would be playing at a high level. Ohio State is regularly thought of as being in national championship contention and always in Big Ten championship contention. Plus, he would be playing against 18-22-year-olds that never have taken a break from playing football at a high level.

I do think that if Lebron James has the desire to play college football then he can at an extremely high level and that he should be allowed to. There’s no difference between him playing with college eligibility left and a professional track athlete coming in to play college football. I would rather see him test himself than stick around on the Lakers waiting for his son to get there.

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