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Packers Draw Interest From Three-Time Pro Bowl Free Agent

It’s not often that a player says they’re interested in playing up north with the Green Bay Packers, especially at the wide receiver position. When Green Bay looks lackluster at the position, though, things change.


It’s not often that a player says they’re interested in playing up north in the cold of Green Bay, especially at the wide receiver position. When the Packers look lackluster at the position, though, things change.

Former Raiders wide receiver DeSean Jackson, best known for his time in Philadelphia and Tampa Bay, announced Thursday that he is not retired. After bouncing around the league in the later years of his career, Jackson has two teams in mind: the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. Signing with the Eagles would reunite DeSean with the franchise that drafted him in the second round back in 2008.

How Would Jackson Fit With The Packers?

Nearing the age of 36, DeSean shouldn’t be expected to come in and be WR1 anymore. Averaging just 28.4 yards a game in 2021, Jackson was used purely as a rotational deep threat. He isn’t the speedy playmaker he once was but is still quite fast and elusive for a veteran in the twilight of this career. Known for one of the best punt returns of all time in the Miracle in the Meadowlands II, Jackson doesn’t add much to the return game anymore. His last punt return was in 2020 and resulted in a two-yard gain.

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DeSean’s interest in teams at this point in his career is all about getting a Super Bowl ring and adding another ring to his collection. He was given a ring by the Rams last year despite demanding his release from the team in November 2021. Both the Eagles and Packers give DeSean a chance at a Super Bowl ring, however, if he were to sign with Green Bay, he could potentially have more playing time. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has been playing great this season, but DeSean could finally team up with Aaron Rodgers like they almost did back when Jackson was at California in 2005.

At this point in his career, I don’t think DeSean Jackson would add much to the Green Bay offense. Maybe he could mentor Amari Rodgers in the return game. Although, I highly doubt Jackson would be into playing on special teams as a 14-year league veteran. He isn’t in a position to demand a major contract. If the Packers don’t look for a receiver somewhere else and DeSean is healthy, maybe Green Bay at least takes a look. However, I don’t believe this signing will happen.

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