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Pittsburgh Steelers

Three Significant Reasons This Steelers Coordinator Should Be Let Go

To save the season, The Pittsburgh Steelers should consider letting go coordinator Matt Canada. This is why.


The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been abysmal this year. Here are three reasons that Matt Canada should be fired.

Worst Offense In The League

Let’s start with the obvious for those who watch the games. The Pittsburgh Steelers offense this year has been disgusting. In my recent memory, this is the worst offense I have seen from Pittsburgh. Even in the 2019 season, when Ben Roethlisberger was out for the year, we had a better offensive season. That speaks volumes about how bad this team truly is offensively.

Let’s talk about the numbers. Matt Canada’s offense currently ranks dead last in points per game, averaging 15 points per game. That is on track to be the worst points-per-game average for the Pittsburgh Steelers since the 1970 Season! In addition, the Steelers currently average 298.8 yards per game, ranking them at 28th in the league.

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Losing the locker room

With how bad the Steelers’ offense has been, multiple players have come out and said we aren’t doing enough on the offensive side of the ball. For example, recently departed, Chase Claypool has expressed his feelings about the offense with quotes like, “We can only do what they tell us to do” and “Not enough go-balls. We’ve got playmakers. I haven’t had a go-ball all year”. In my opinion, this is a direct shot at Canada and his terrible play calling/offense.

Chase Claypool is one of many that have expressed their feelings about the offense. Kenny Pickett, Diontae Johnson, and Najee Harris are just a few of the others that have spoken of disappointment. With the volume of players showing their displeasure, this can only mean that Mike Tomlin is actively losing the locker room, and Matt Canada is the culprit.

Stunting Development

The last but significant reason is stunting the development of some of these young kids. This one is very opinion based, but it’s a strong opinion that I have. Keeping Matt Canada around for these crucial early years for these young players can be one of the biggest mistakes the Steelers can make. You are throwing in the towel on a season and these young careers.

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By firing Matt Canada now, you would tell your young stars, “He was the problem. We believe in you. Go out and win us ball games”. This can instill ultimate confidence in these players and hopefully get them down the right path, winning games. I think this is one the most crucial reason throughout this whole process because it not only affects this season but can also affect many seasons after this one.

Final Thoughts

This is in no way a personal shot at Matt Canada; I’m sure he is a great guy off the field. This has to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers on the field. The Steelers’ job is to win ball games and to set each other up for success to win those ball games. Having Matt Canada as an offensive coordinator is not setting this team up to win games or succeed.

Do I think this moves changes Pittsburgh’s success overnight? I do not. However, I believe it is the move to make for the future of the Steelers and the long haul for the organization. Our young talent should be a priority on the offensive side, by firing Matt Canada, you let them know they are a priority.

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Traditionally the Steelers like to wait until the end of the season to make any personnel changes. However, for the Steelers’ sake, I hope they plan on taking only a short time for all the reasons above. This is something to keep a close eye on in the coming weeks.

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