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This Dreadful New York Jet Has Been Grounded

The New York Jets seem like they haven’t had a quarterback since Joe Namath, and their new signal caller is probably not going to be the answer to their quarterback issues.


The New York Jets quarterback drama seems like it will never end. So, when the New York Jets drafted quarterback Zach Wilson out of BYU with the second pick of the 2021 draft, many people thought they had found their franchise signal caller.

Wilson has had an up-and-down first two seasons in the league, and his second year didn’t start great. First, he suffered a bone bruise and meniscus tear, which caused him to miss the season’s first few weeks.

The Jets Surprise Start

The New York Jets have been a huge surprise this season, with a winning record of six and four heading into their Week 12 game with the Chicago Bears. However, the Jets are a six-win team despite Wilson, and if they had a quarterback that could play the sport, they might even have a better record.

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Wilson has been awful this season, appearing in seven games and only throwing four touchdowns to five interceptions. The offense looks lost with Wilson under center, and it even caused second-year wide receiver Elijah Moore to ask for a trade from the team last month.

It doesn’t seem like the team responds to Wilson under center. In Week Two, the Jets came back to win down by two scores with under two minutes left to play against the Cleveland Browns with veteran quarterback Joe Flacco calling the shots. The team seemed to love him under center, and you could tell by how hard they all played.

The Game That Ruined The Team

Week 11 came when the Wilson train came to a complete stop. The Jets went into New England, and the Jet’s defense played their butts off the entire game. The score was three to three for most of the game until New England Patriots Marcus Jones returned an 84-yard punt for a touchdown late to give the Patriots a ten-to-three lead and the win.

Wilson played like garbage in this game, only completing nine passes on 22 attempts and throwing for 77 yards. As a result, the offense couldn’t do anything all day, and many Jets players were unhappy about the performance.

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Wilson was asked after the game if he let the defense down, and he responded with a short and straightforward sweet NO! As the quarterback and leader of the team, you’re supposed to take accountably for everything, even when it’s not your fault. In this case, most of this was on Wilson, and he couldn’t even accept that.

It sends a horrible message to the locker room, and why would anyone on the Jets want to go out each week and play for a guy that didn’t think he let down his team after his garbage performance while other players on the team were playing with their hair on fire?

Even Wilson’s head coach, Robert Saleh, was not happy with the offense and called their performance “dog shit.” Multiple Jets players started liking anti-Zach Wilson tweets and then came out and said they accidentally liked the tweet.

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I’m going to call out those players and say they didn’t not like those tweets on accident. How do multiple players accidentally like a tweet saying bad things about their quarterback? It is almost impossible for one person to accidentally like a tweet, and now we have multiple people doing it.

You can tell the team is done with Wilson and after everyone’s comments and Twitter history, the time to move in a different direction had to happen.

A Change Is Coming

It was announced Wednesday morning that Wilson was going to be benched for their Week 12 matchup up at home vs. the Chicago Bears, and he will not be facing another quarterback who was taken in the first round of the 2021 draft in Justin Fields.

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Many people thought Fields was going to be the pick for the Jets for a while, but they went with Wilson instead, and now Jets fans will get a good look at Fields this weekend, who has done a solid job carrying a Bears team that has no hope.

Jet’s backup quarterback Mike White will get the start and try to get this team’s confidence and groove back to try and make a playoff push to end the season.

It looks like the Wilson experience in New York is already over, and we will see what the rest of this season brings and what moves the team will try to make this offseason to bring in a new guy at the position.   

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