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The Ohio State Buckeyes Better Send These Teams a Greeting Card This Holiday Season

The Ohio State Buckeyes got the help they needed, and they have these teams to thank.


A week ago in Columbus, Ohio, it was cold, dark, and miserable, and everyone was running around like chicken little, screaming the sky was falling. But, trust me, I was one of those 100,000-plus people that saw Michigan come into the Horseshoe and rip the hearts of the Buckeyes out 45-23, and it seemed like the Ohio State football program took a huge step back.

Fans talked about how they would have to watch backup quarterback Kyle McCord start in the Rose Bowl for C.J. Stroud, who would sit out to go to the NFL Draft. They also talked about firing head coach Ryan Day, now 1-2 vs. Michigan, and hiring former Ohio State players and coaches Luke Fickell and Mike Vrabel to take over as the man in charge.

Ohio State started their week thinking the playoffs were a long shot, but sometimes you have to hold out hope, and things will go your way. Ohio State got the help it needed, and it will be heading to its fifth College Football Playoff.

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Ohio State got in as the fourth seed, and they will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to face the defending champions, the Georgia Bulldogs.  

Santa Claus isn’t supposed to come and deliver gifts until December 24th, but he delivered big time 20 days before in Ohio.

Ohio State, don’t pat yourself on the back, no bows, and be thankful that your season didn’t die last week when you decided to let Michigan run all over you in the second half.

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Ohio State did reach its goal; they are one of the four teams that can compete for a National Championship, and I know many fans aren’t thrilled about how the regular season ended, but it’s time to look toward the future and win it all.

Ohio State needed help since they went 11-1 and didn’t win their division or the conference, and man, it payoff the last few weeks. Going into the game against Michigan, it was simple you win, and your in, and if you lose, then prepare yourself to be rooting for help.

The South Carolina Gamecocks and the Utah Utes should be getting a vast greeting card from Ohio State thanking them for giving them a life they probably don’t deserve, but who cares? They need four teams to make the playoffs, and who else would you take?

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South Carolina

The South Carolina Gamecocks, thank you for everything. But fortunately, they didn’t take out one potential playoff team but two in the last two weeks.

Week 12 came, and the teams with a real chance at making the playoffs were Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, TCU, USC, and Clemson. Tennessee had one loss, which came against Georgia, so if they were to win out, they would be in the playoffs and get in over Ohio State. 

Tennessee went into Columbia, South Carolina, and all they had to do was win that game and beat Vanderbilt, and they were heading to the playoff. But, South Carolina’s quarterback Spencer Rattler had other plans and threw for 438 yards and six touchdowns.

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South Carolina would go on and wipe the floor, with Tennessee winning 63-38 and ending any chance of Tennessee making the playoffs.

South Carolina would turn around the week after and beat another potential playoff team, the Clemson Tigers. Clemson had a real chance of heading to the playoffs if they beat South Carolina and won the ACC Championship. The only issue was they lost to the Gamecocks 31-30 in Week 13, and they already had a bad road loss to Notre Dame, ending their playoff chances.

South Carolina played spoiler and ruined two teams’ playoff chances back-to-back weeks, and if they didn’t, one of those teams would’ve gotten in over Ohio State. 

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The Utah Utes, come on down and accept your holiday gift from the Buckeyes. Utah played USC in the Pac-12 title game, and if USC would’ve won, they would have been, at worst, the fourth seed going to the playoff, but Utah had other plans.

All week we heard about how USC’s star quarterback Caleb Williams will win the Heisman Trophy and revenge the loss from Utah and bring the Trojans to the playoffs.

The game started, and USC was on a roll; they were up 17-3 before you knew it, and I was starting to put the Buckeye’s playoff chances in the ground, but Utah came back out of nowhere and won the game 47-24 and beating USC once again and ending their season.

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Utah’s head coach Kyle Whittingham said after the game, “Coach Day, You’re Welcome.” Coach Day is very thankful to Utah for giving him another meaningful game after him, and his team had a horrible performance in the last one they played.

There is a perfect chance that Ohio State will get beaten up and down the field in three weeks against Georgia since that has been a theme lately, but the Buckeyes are in, and now it is up to them to show the world why the Michigan game was a fluke and that they can take home a title.

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