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Has Father Time Finally Caught Up With The Great Tom Brady

The greatest QB of all time, Tom Brady, might need to call it a career after his frustrating 2022 season.

tom brady

The 45-year-old quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, has not had the season of dreams. His 2022 season has been a disaster on and off the field, and will this be the end of Brady?

Tom Brady’s Clunker Of a Season

Brady and the Buccaneers went into San Francisco and played against Brock Purdy, who was the last pick in the 2022 draft and got destroyed.

San Francisco won 35-7, and Brady had a rough day at the office. San Francisco does have the best defense in the NFL, but Brady looked lost and like he couldn’t play the position anymore.

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Brady threw for 253 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions, and San Francisco’s linebacker Dre Greenlaw who picked off Brady went to him after the game and asked him to sign the football, which Brady did.

Brady is one of the most competitive athletes we have ever seen, and he is now signing autographs for the players that picked him off in the game he just played.

I know football is a team game, but the quarterback is the leader of the team and a huge reason why the teams win and lose games Tampa Bay had a losing record of 6-7 in the NFC South, which is the worst division in the NFL. 

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The good news for Tampa is they are in first place in the division with that losing record and would be hosting a playoff game in the wild-card round, but there are still four weeks left of the season, and every team in the division still has a great chance to catch Tampa.

The crazy thing about Brady this year has been in two games against the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints, Brady and the Buccaneers couldn’t do anything all game. But, in the last few minutes or seconds of the game, Brady looks like his usual self again and goes and wins the football game. 

Brady has shown way too much inconstancy this season and being 45 years old is the main reason why this is happening to him. It’s okay that Brady is not the same quarterback he was when he was 43.

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Brady has done something we will see no other quarterback do play elite football in his mid-40s. Brady won a Super Bowl at 43 in his first season in Tampa.

Personal Life Could Be Affecting His Greatness

Tom Brady also has had some off-the-field things going on that might have gotten to him this season. But, first, this man retired in February of 2022 and came out of retirement a month later. He was already going to hang up, but the cleats and then changed his mind.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians stepped down, and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles took over as the new coach so that Brady would work with a new head coach. 

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He missed a few weeks of training camp this season to deal with personal issues, and then it was known that he was getting divorced from his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

I’m sure a lot of the personal stuff with him, and his family has been on his mind this season, and if your mind isn’t right, it will be challenging to play quarterback every week in the NFL.

You almost must be a robot to be an elite NFL quarterback, and nothing can mess with your head. But, unfortunately, Brady has had a lot going on.  

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This may be the end of Tom Brady and his fantastic career, but every time you count Brady out, he goes on some unbelievable run and proves everyone wrong, so he may have one more left him that will prove me and everyone else wrong. 

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