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The Nightmare Offseason For The San Francisco Giants Continues

The San Francisco Giants need to wake up from this nightmare of an offseason.


Christmas is coming soon, and the San Francisco Giants will have no big presents to open under their Christmas tree this year.

The team was supposed to be big players in the free agent market this offseason, and they ended up striking out on the two biggest names they were linked to.

Aaron Judge

The Giants were all over outfielder Aaron Judge, and it was known they would be targeting him before the offseason even started. So, the only two teams that Judged was linked to are the New York Yankees, whom he plays for, and the Giants.

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A few weeks ago, at the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego, New York Post writer, and MLB reporter Jon Heyman tweeted that Arson Judge appears headed to the Giants. He did spell Aaron wrong and wrote Arson, and spelling errors happen to everyone, so who cares? The big story was that Judge was heading to the Bay Area.

Heyman ended up taking the tweet back a few minutes later, and later that night, Judge met with the San Diego Padres; they offered him around a 400-million-dollar deal, but the next day he resigned to be a lifelong Yankee.

Giants fans thought they had one of the best players in the sport, and it was taken away from them quickly, but they would not let this stop them from going after another vast free agent.

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Carols Correa

San Francisco went after shortstop Carols Correa, and they both agreed on a contract that would give him 13 years and 350 million dollars. The team was happy they could get a big-time free agent, but the bad news was coming.

Yesterday Correa was supposed to have his physical and an introductory press conference in San Francisco, but a medical concern popped up, and the press conference was canceled.

Less than 24 hours later, Correa was no longer a Giant, and he was heading to Queens and signed a 12-year 315-million-dollar deal with the New York Mets. 

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The Giants yet again fail to get a big free agent. Twice it seemed like they were getting game-changing players in Judge and Correa, but they were fooled.

The Giants Need To Figure It Out

Last week, the Giants lost their star pitcher Carlos Rodon to the New York Yankees. So, the Giants have lost three guys who could’ve been in San Francisco in 2023 to all New York teams. The Giants used to play in New York and should go back there.

We all remember San Francsico winning 2010, 2012, and 2014 World Series, but that run happened around 10-15 years ago, and they can’t hold on to that anymore.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres play in the N.L. West is in the same division as the Giants, and they are spending more and getting star players like crazy.

The Giants signed some guys this offseason in pitchers Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling and outfielder Mitch Haniger, but those are decent moves but nothing that will bring them over the top.

Hopefully, the Giants will have a better 2023 season than their offseason, but it could be worse since they play in a tough division and league.

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