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New England Patriots

What To Expect When The Patriots And Bengals Meet On Christmas Eve

The Patriots disappointed the champ in 2022. I had high expectations for this team. Training camp showed me a lot of hungry, talented players looking to shock the world. Fast forward a few months, and the expectations shattered. 

The Pats should be the most beautiful part of the year at this point in the season. The playoff ticket punched with home-field advantage hanging in the balance. The family huddles around the tv to witness the most outstanding football team on Earth add another win to the record. That is how it should be, but it is quite the opposite. 

When the Bengals roll into town, it means change. The infamous Monday Night Football loss against the Chiefs proceeded with the team steamrolling the Bengals the following week. That was then; this is now. It isn’t going to happen. 

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The Predictable Patriots have a nice ring to them. Allow me to elaborate on their predictability by laying out what will happen this Sunday. If you can’t handle the truth, swipe that finger up. The champ is about to get real. 

The Patriots’ Struggles Continue In The Red Zone.

The last time the Patriots scored in the red zone, there were 48 states in America. People used phones for calling their loved ones, not follow them. Things just are not the same as they used to be. Mac is trying, but trying is not enough. Blame the circle on the sidelines for feeding him the plays. 

The Bengals’ defense ranks inside the top 10 of red zone defenses. Their opponents convert on 55% of their drives. This is not shocking, especially with Trey Hendrickson coming off the line. Arguably, he is one of the most under-appreciated pass rushers in the league. He will cause problems for the Pats tackles, burying Mac in the process. 

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The fans are not going to be happy when Mac and his pack jog off the field after endless three-and-outs. This brings me to my next prediction of the game. It involves the Foxboro Faithful.

The Patriots Peeps Reign Boos On The Field

Last Sunday, I witnessed my friend nearly break his television courtesy of Meyers’ shenanigans on the final play. Before that, he gave me hearing loss in my right ear from screaming at Patricia and Jones. He is not the only peep causing pain to their loved ones. 

Patricia has evolved into a mad scientist with his approach to the offense. The same plays cycle through a drive. Einstein once said the definition of insanity is when one does something over and over again expecting different results. The foot fits the glass slipper.

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Do we really expect things to change in a short week? I don’t care about playoffs at this point; I just want to see my team put together a successful drive. Is that too much to ask for this holiday season?

The Patriots Will Not Forget About ‘Dre

The Patriots are not going to change their approach against the Bengals. The offense goes through Rhamondre Stevenson. He accumulates for over 70% of the entire offense! As RB1, he leads the team in receptions (60). That is nonsense!

The Bengals’ defense ranks as one of the top defenses in the league. Their weakness comes in the secondary, but why would the Patriots throw the ball? Just give it to Dre and he’ll figure it out. Why worry?

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Stevenson carries the ball 20+ times for 88 yards and a score. That is the current state of the Patriots’ offense. Things are fine. And he’s not relying on the line – he’s in the NFL’s top 10 in broken tackles, yards after contact and yards after catch.

The Patriots stink this season. There is no way to sugarcoat it. However, the chance to watch them play with your entire family during the holidays is special. The memories made in the parlor are more important than the ones on the gridiron. Happy Holidays to all and to all a Pats win!

Go Pats.

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