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Jaguars Surprise Chargers In 2023 Wildcard Round


Never doubt the Cats from Duvall. Led by Trevor Lawrence and the defense, the Jags made more than a statement in the Wild Card game but maybe a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Jacksonville has a bright future. Jacksonville has made considerable choices in the most recent drafts and free agency that put them in this position. It was a tough battle, but perseverance triumphs in the end.

Jags Slow Start

The first half of the Chargers vs. Jaguars game was truly lopsided. Trevor Lawrence made crucial mistakes early in the game that could’ve closed the door for victory. Four first-half interceptions by Lawrence made an uphill battle even steeper. Although the Jags are known for trailing during games, they have pulled through six games where they were down by one score or more. Jitters and overthinking took place in the locker room before game time but Coach Doug Peterson brought the focus back after halftime. The defense had a problem keeping the Chargers off the field as Los Angles controlled the clock for over 31 minutes. It’s not how you start but how you finish.

After Halftime Jacksonville Applied Pressure

Heading into the half, Jacksonville put up a last-minute score which was the first of many by Trevor Lawrence. The defense of Jacksonville stepped up as well. Complete 180 degree turn around from the first half. The Chargers had only four positions in the second half of the game and only scored one field goal. During the first half they had eight positions scoring on five of them. Coach Peterson put his people in the right place, they executed.

Even amounts of run and pass were a part of the game plan heading into the half. Take some pressure off Trevor by feeding Travis Etienne (121 total yards for the game) the ball and make better decisions on passing downs. It seems as if he was trying to make plays appear rather than let them develop. Evan Engram had a solid outing as he led the team in receiving yards and second in receptions. The team rallied behind Trevor and made a statement. Never Quit!

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If I were to blame anyone on the Chargers side, I would split it between the Brandon Staley (Head Coach) and Renaldo Hill (Defensive Coordinator). Being up by 27 points and losing is abysmal and shameful. They have the talent to stop teams, but their execution was not there as it was not there in week 3. Staley and his staff should have come up with a different gameplan but there’s no concern to worry about the past. Jacksonville’s coaching staff played a chess match on Saturday and has shown the rest of the league that they fight no matter the obstacles.

Jags Going To Kansas City

This upcoming game should be a tough game for Jacksonville. They travel to Kansas City to take on the hot Chiefs. The Chiefs have a better offense than the Chargers, but they also have a better coach too. Going against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid is no small task. Mistakes can happen in any game but you don’t want to start off the same as you did with the Los Angles. It’s no doubt that the Chiefs defense is not as high powered as the Chargers, but they still have playmakers. The main ex-factor is number 15 in red! Mahomes makes something out of nothing when he’s in a zone.

The Jags need to continue to focus on keeping the score close with Kansas City. They can’t be stopped, only contained. Trevor Lawrence and his supporting cast must step up in this game. Lawrence made a believer out of me with this performance. Playoffs are where legends are born. Trevor and his crew defiantly won’t let anyone call the Jags pushovers again. Although I think they will lose. Jacksonville will put up a fight until the last possession in the fourth quarter. Let’s hope the Jags continues to show the NFL that the AFC South has some great young talent on the rise.


This game has shown what type of team Jacksonville has the potential to be. Tough, gritty, and resilient. All of those characteristics are some of what makes champions. No, I’m not saying that the Jags will win the title this year, but they are on the right course. Behind a sturdy defense and franchise quarterback, this team can go far. Also, the right leadership has to be in place and Coach Doug Peterson has shown how pivotal a good coach can be for a team. I’m rooting for Jacksonville to go to the Super Bowl because I would like to see an AFC South team be on top. Anything is possible right?

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