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Reasons Why Wilks Have A Bona Fide Chance To Be The Panthers’ Head Coach

The Carolina Panthers’ future is more formidable than others think. What will it take for Steve Wilks to remain as the head coach in Charlotte?


The Panthers started the 2022 season under Matt Rhule (1-4). Steve Wilks took over as the Interim Head Coach in the organization and gave the team new life. With new life, Wilks showed poise, grit, and determination, and from the moment he took over, he earned respect as the head man in the locker room.

The Panthers were (5-6) under Steve Wilks, which is quite impressive for his first year as a head coach. Wilks’s unique coaching makes him a strong candidate to be the tenure head coaching gig. Still, Wilks said he would leave the door open for Owner David Tepper to decide.

Shaq Thompson Believes In Wilks

Shaq Thompson, the longest-tenured player and a huge supporter of Steve Wilks, wants to make a case to keep him as the head coach. The LB is making it his mission to talk on behalf of Wilks. Thompson told reporters that players in the organization need to give an opinion because the decision is vital. Thompson wants to remind Tepper that Wilks is their guy, and the he’s bringing back what the Panthers “used to be”.

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The team loved the direct approach that Wilks had with the players. That’s what won him over in the locker room. With the strenuous, inspiring play that turned the team’s season around, it’s safe to say that coaching matters.
The team had no right to be in their position after a slow start and trading their best player, Christian McCaffrey, RB, San Francisco 49ers, but Steve Wilks made his mark and did it with ease.

Steve Wilks Natural Leadership Skills

Steve Wilks is a straight-up coach. He tells it like it is and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Wilks sells winning football games, and since he emerged as the interim head coach, the Panthers have been on a hot streak. Although the Panthers didn’t make the playoffs, the team was once dead last in the division.

The 53-year-old Charlotte Native ensured his leadership skills were on cue transitioning from the defensive coordinator before landing the top job.

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The team was trending in the right direction under his willpower, and he deserves to continue to showcase his skills as the head coach. Although, Wilks has a chance to be the Panthers head coach. However, there are doubts that he will get the job, but it’s clear that the team has found its identity with Steve Wilks as the Interim Head Coach.

Steve Wilks Carolina Pride

If anyone loves the Carolina Panthers, it’s Coach Wilks. He was born in the community and strongly connected with the people. Wilks landed a coaching gig in 2012 and had a ton of success until he became the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Wilks has a legitimate shot at being the guy for a young Carolina team, Wilks knows how to get the team together, and he knows how to get the fan base talking. Wilks wants to continue to defend the Bank, and he’s rightfully earned it.

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Steve Wilks is A Bonafide Winner

Steve Wilks can flat-out win, and that’s not up for debate. He’s gotten more wins than Matt Rhule during his tenure as the Panthers’ head coach. David Tepper can’t ignore that Wilks has done a phenomenal job turning the Panthers’ season around. However, Tepper is still interviewing coaches to be the head coach for the Panthers, and there’s yet to be a telling what he will do for the head coach position for 2023.

Although Tepper hasn’t addressed Wilks’s future with the Carolina Panthers, Wilks should be considered the top runner for the job. Remember, Wilks knows the fans, and he’s a Charlotte native, but will that be enough for him to land the spot?

Tepper shouldn’t have to look far to fill the spot because Wilks is their guy.

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