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Lamar Jackson Officially Headed To The Patriots?

Is there any chance Lamar Jackson and Greg Roman both join the Patriots together?


The Ravens have officially released Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman in the wake of the Patriot’s search for an Offensive Coordinator. Is there any chance Lamar Jackson and Greg Roman both join the Patriots together?

No. He’s not really, I’m sorry. YET. But via breaking news, Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman was released from the Ravens earlier today… and paired with the ongoing flurry of interviews in what has been Bill Belichick’s search for an Offensive Coordinator over the recent days… There isn’t a chance in hell that Greg Roman isn’t going to be the Offensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots by Monday morning.

Of course, Greg Roman will only be hired by Bill Belichick on the sole condition that he does everything he possibly can to convince and coax Lamar Jackson to leave the Baltimore Ravens, pack his bags, and take the first flight he can into Boston where preparations and practice will instantly ensue for the first 17-0 NFL team in history. Lamar Jackson and Greg Roman are coming to the New England Patriots.

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In the likely case that I’m completely and utterly wrong, which is always a distinct possibility, I would like to take a brief moment to profusely apologize for taking advantage of trending information and trying to effectively contort it into something that pleases the algorithmic nightmare that is today’s internet. But, beyond the clickbait title, the news of Greg Roman becoming available on the market, absolutely 100% opens up the door of the possibility for Lamar Jackson to actually consider following Greg wherever he goes, as typically an OC and a QB will become very close, especially when a QB begins their career under one.

It’s tough to know what kind of relationship they really had, seeing as how teams report whatever they want, and they could be lying out their teeth. As in, a team could report for 20 years that everything is hunky-dory in the hood, but then turns out, they just weren’t actively reporting anything problematic because it looks better that way, or perhaps just isn’t as much of a distraction. Even if there are a few notes about the relationship between the two scattered around the internet, it’s not really a good indication of their personal relationship.

The only thing we can do for now is speculate, even though there’s not really much to go on. Bill and Greg don’t seem to have any real ties to each other, though they are obviously incredibly familiar with each other as opponents in their respective lengthy careers. Here are the pieces we have that are important:

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  • Greg Roman is available.
  • Lamar Jackson is available.
  • Patriots are actively and THOROUGHLY searching for an OC.
  • Greg Roman is quoted as saying he wants to “Pursue other opportunities”. What could be better than putting together a championship season with the master Bill Belichick? Obviously, you’d bring your MVP QB with you
  • Greg and Bill have always been quiet and respectful toward each other in the media.
  • Mac Jones???

Get ready to see an article like this for every single team in the NFL. I just saw one for a Dolphins page that dropped four minutes ago, while researching for this article… Don’t shoot the messengers. (Sorry.)

Go Pats!

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