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Vikings Ten Takeaways from Vikings vs. Giants’ Super Wildcard Weekend And A Look Into The Future

I have been a Vikings fan since birth and it took me a very long time to overcome the shock of losing to the New York Giants in the first round of this year’s playoffs. It was not shocking to see the defense perform so poorly as that was a regular sight for the 22-23 Vikings’ team. 

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It was pretty disappointing and unexpected to see Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook perform so poorly against a Giants defense that they had just played a couple of weeks earlier. 

Things started well enough with an opening drive touchdown for the Vikings but the Giants were able to respond with a touchdown. The next two drives for the Vikings ended in punts while the next two drives for the Giants resulted in a touchdown and a field goal, respectively. 

The Vikings did come up with another touchdown before halftime to make it a 17-14 game in favor of the Giants. 

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Both of the teams got touchdowns on their opening drives of the second half. Then the Vikings forced the first Giant’s punt of the game with 4:21 left in the third quarter. 

The Vikings were on a roll heading into the fourth quarter before the usually reliable Christian Darrisaw had a false start penalty on fourth and one. This made it long enough of a conversion that the Vikings chose to kick a field goal instead of attempting to move the ball further down the field. 

The Giants responded with a touchdown of their own which was a two-yard Saquon Barkley rushing TD. This gave the Giants a 31-24 lead, even though the Vikings had two more offensive drives, they could not score any more points. 

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Their second to last drive was a three and out and the most productive play was only a three-yard completion to T.J. Hockenson. 

Their last drive sputtered out on a fourth and eight conversion attempt, ending with another three-yard completion to Hockenson. 

At that point, the game was over and Daniel Jones only needed to kneel the ball three times to run out the clock. 

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I am a born and raised Minnesota sports fan. My greatest love of sport is for football and my favorite team in that sport is definitely the Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to writing about them more and giving people insights that they won't get anywhere else.

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