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We Can’t Keep Giving Belichick The Benefit Of Doubt After Latest Blunder

Belichick can’t just keep operating with car blanche, this team will bleed out if he keeps handling the front office like this


I understand how many people will disagree with me, but I don’t mind cause if this is how Bill Belichick is going to build this Patriots team, he needs to go. He does. Not signing Jakobi Meyers isn’t the issue; if he had gotten the Christian n Kirk-type deal, fine, thanks for everything, get that bag. However, the Raiders signed Meyers for a three-year 33 million with only 21 guaranteed.

Meyers was this team’s only consistent chain mover for the past three seasons. I understand he isn’t a number one, but getting 11 million a year isn’t an overpay. That’s actually an excellent contract for a wide receiver. SEVEN million guaranteed; how does this guy slip through your fingers? So much of the locker room thought he was heading to a captainship.

Belichick Cant Keep Getting A Pass

I already see the comment lines on Facebook when I post this. “You are just a hater and spoiled; greatness takes time.” Then comes the obscure references to stuff that happened on Tom Brady-led teams.

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Those teams had a different soul in them. Their leader was bold and innovative in every way, but these are not those days. The GOAT is retired, and the upstart prodigy is now the grizzled vet. Seeming like the game has passed him by, at least in the front office. Every team in the AFC east felt Brady’s departure and started loading up in an arms race for premium positions.

The Dolphins keep adding weapons and opening their pockets to do it; The Bills have Josh Allen, who has had Belichick’s number for what seems like forever now. The Jets are still the Jets, but their talent level is almost enough to pull them out of that streak; Aaron Rodgers is still waiting in the darkness to make his decision.

Meyers Leaving Hurts My Soul

This trend of not paying up is massively hurting the team builds. This is not the mid-2000s. The NFL is so much more competitive than before. Letting a homegrown guy like Meyers leave at that low a number is hurting my brain.

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Last season was such a horrible endeavor for the locker room that Meyers may have taken a cheaper deal to leave and get away from this organization. Because the Patriots have the money to sign him, either Belichick chose not to, or he decided not to return.

Both scenarios are terrible for the Patriots; typically, undrafted free agents like that don’t get extended by the Patriots, but that’s because they want top dollar, its wide receiver three type of salary.

Curtis Samuel, Corey Davis, Tim Patrick & Tyler Boyd make that money, and if the Patriots didn’t want him when we have cap space, a positional need, and a system fit is negligence. Especially if the Philip Dorsett rumors are true, even if the Patriots got to the number, it doesn’t seem Meyers wanted to be in New England with Belichick.

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He also could’ve felt like he was getting his balls busted; he came into this team and outplayed a first-round pick; he played with a pissed-off Brady, a washed Cam Newton, a rookie Mac Jones, and Matt Patricia as his offensive coordinator. But then, contract talks came, and it was reported that they weren’t close to negotiations.

I could only imagine what Belichick offered him if they weren’t close on a deal. Probably somewhere near eight million a year, four guaranteed.

Bottom Line

This could be an overreaction, but I don’t see the Patriots doing anything meaningful now. I write this fresh off hearing the departure news, and it’s hard to see Bill’s plans for this team. Meyers was Mac’s favorite target, and Bill knows this; maybe he hates Jones and wants to get Lamar. Unless we are trying to tank, if so, we should trade Mac start Zappe go for Caleb Williams, but that’s not what I think will happen either.

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The Patriots will be just good enough to keep us in the hunt but out of the top ten in the draft, that perfect purgatory that wraps around football teams forever. I do not want to be in that group. Belichick has the means and the ability to make this team much more competitive, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in it.

To make up for a move like this, we must get Jeudy or Dhop & OBJ and sign a freaking tackle to protect the kid. Don’t mind me I’m spiraling.

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Massachusetts native. Big time Boston sports fan. Avid fantasy football player. Not just a stat nerd. Respect is important. I like being the first to break news. Overly excited sports fan, but not oblivious to facts or shortcomings. #capiscrap

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