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More On North Carolina Declining A Big Playoff Bid

North Carolina was pretty upset that they were not invited to March Madness and declined an invite to the NIT. Is this a bad look for North Carolina?

North Carolina

March Madness is known as the greatest tournament in sports, and it is filled with 68 division one college basketball teams from powerhouse to the smallest schools on the map.

This year North Carolina (one of the most prominent schools in the country) will not be participating in March Madness or any postseason tournament.

North Carolina Wants No Part In Postseason Play

The North Carolina Tar Heels had a record of 20-13, and it was not good enough to get them in the dance. So the second biggest postseason tournament, the National Invitation Tournament, known as the NIT, invited North Carolina to participate.

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The NIT is nowhere near March Madness, but it is still another opportunity for the players to play basketball and compete for a championship.

North Carolina declined an invite to the NIT, where they probably would have been the team to beat.

Head coach Hubert Davis gave some lousy excuse, and they are turning their attention to next season and trying to improve.

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The Real Reason On Why They Declined

The next season is still eight months away. It won’t hurt you to play in the NIT, which is over in three weeks. Some players on the team will never step foot in a basketball game again, and they could’ve used this opportunity to have one more chance to play.

Don’t give me the excuse that the transfer portal is opening and recruiting, and that’s why they can’t play; you’re North Carolina. Anyone will want to play for you.

The real reason why North Carolina declined the invite was that they thought they were too good for the NIT. If you were too good for the NIT, why didn’t you win more games, and you would’ve been in March Madness? 

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North Carolina had an incredible run last year in the tournament and went to the championship game, where they lost to Kansas. 

The Tar Heels came in this season as the preseason number one, and it started rough and only got worse throughout the season.

North Carolina is mad they didn’t make the big dance, and they had no reason to in the first place and think they’re too big for the NIT. 

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This is one bad look for the Tar Heels, and if you’re a recruit, why would you even want to play for a team that thinks they’re better than everyone else when they are not?  

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