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Is The World Baseball Classic An MLB Team’s Worst Nightmare?

The World Baseball Classic is great baseball tournament, but an MLB player injury last week is making people second guess this decision

World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic, the enthralling world cup of baseball, is going on right now, and for fans, it’s been a great preamble to the upcoming MLB season. This is only accentuated by the fact that the United States will be playing in the championship game on Tuesday night.

It features many MLB players, and last week started a huge debate among the baseball world if they should be allowed in it after a freak accident that happened to New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz.

Diaz was pitching for team Puerto Rico, and the team got a monster win over the Dominican Republic.

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Diaz was hurt in the team’s celebration, and he ended up hurting his knee he will miss the entire 2023 MLB season.

Diaz is arguably the best closer in the league and just signed a five-year 102-million-dollar deal which was the highest ever for a reliever.

The Mets will not get to see Diaz pitch this season, and it was because of an event that had nothing to do with the Mets.

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Do MLB Teams Get Scared For The World Baseball Classic?

This event that took place has to be a horrible nightmare for MLB teams knowing their players are at risk of injury right before the start of the season.   

If you’re a member of the Mets organization you cannot be happy that the best closer in the sport will not be seeing the field this season due to an injury that happened in a game that doesn’t include any MLB teams.

It’s not like Diaz got hurt during the game he got hurt in a freak accident in the celebration.

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We have seen many MLB players get hurt at their houses and miss a period of time and nobody is arguing they shouldn’t live in houses.

Should MLB Players Be Allowed To Play?

The World Baseball Classic is a great tournament, and just because it’s maybe at the worst time possible in America when there’s this thing called March Madness going on it’s huge in almost every other county.

The sport of baseball is dying, and taking out MLB players from the biggest global event in the sport is not a good idea the game needs to get its life back, and having MLB players play for their home country helps. 

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I think this is just one big overreaction, but MLB players should play in the WBC and show off their country.

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