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Commanders Ownership Search Has A New Bidder, Hopes To Close The Deal

Could this be the savior that the Commanders have been praying


Ding Dong, the witch, is dead. Washington Commanders fans should rejoin Synder, and company has departed the facility, and it seems like the sale is starting to pick up some steam.

Due to the latest information well, know team owner & entrepreneur (The 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and Crystal Palace) Josh Harris has been in the running, and earlier this month, he brought in prominent DC billionaire Mitchell Rales, which can be important in a few ways.

The deal Is Not Done Yet

How Mitchell Rales Could Close The Deal

Since its rumor sale, Josh Harris has had a strong bid to buy the team. However, even for a billionaire like himself, six billion in one transaction could hinder his ability to manage his other three teams. This brings us to the most significant factor in most business decisions money. Adding another massive bank account to the buying group will alleviate his assets to continue sustaining the other teams.

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The second asset that Rales brings is his influence in the D.C. market. This can help with zoning, permits, and other stadium regulations if they want to make any upgrades or expansions. He is an excellent businessman and well-respected in the nation’s capital. His brother is also a billionaire, so it’s not out of the question. So they turn to him to finish the financial side and have another reliable source of relief.

Josh Harris’ Ownership Could Revitalize Franchise

The Commanders have been in one public relations nightmare to another since Synder has taken over for his father in the late 90s. Washington was a premier team back then and was brought down due to many ownership issues. However, their roster is highly competitive and part of the groups of teams that could contend with a legitimate Quarterback.

Since Synder is leaving, there is no way he would be willing to spend the type of money that comes with a QB of that standard. But, on the other hand, if Harris and Rales come in as new owners, they will want results. So what better way than to take a market rival’s most prominent attraction?

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New Ownership Could Prompt A Move For Lamar

Currently, Jacoby Brissett is slotted in to be the starting QB of the Commanders on opening weekend; this doesn’t generate enough buzz for a newly acquired six-billion-dollar franchise. Think about what I just said SIX BILLION. 200-250 million guaranteed over four to five years is worth bringing in Lamar Jackson. With the current roster, it would be the most talented group of players Jackson has played with.

Riverboat Ron said they weren’t in Lamar, but many things change when there are new owners in a place like that; the entire mentality of the franchise could flip. Look at what the 76ers did, they went and made big trades to improve their team, and Harris paid for much of it. It hasn’t resulted in a championship but it makes them contenders yearly. Bringing it back to the Commanders, anything is on the table regarding new ownership.

Bottom Line

There have only been a few tweeted reports of the Harris purchase, but I am choosing to trust those and some of the other people I have talked to. This should help bring Washington Football back to the greatness it had before.

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Massachusetts native. Big time Boston sports fan. Avid fantasy football player. Not just a stat nerd. Respect is important. I like being the first to break news. Overly excited sports fan, but not oblivious to facts or shortcomings. #capiscrap

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