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Patriots 2023 Rebound Depends On How This Colossal Position Performs

The Patriots are coming off an average-at-best offensive year, and to compete in the AFC now they need to become more dynamic at receiver


After the Patriots named Matt Patricia the offensive coordinator, there would surely be some trouble on offense. There sure was. Mac Jones regressed significantly, finishing with 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. This year, New England made an effort to help Mac. How have they done so far?

Juju Has Receiver One Potential

New England made a surprising move and signed Juju Smith-Schuster to a three-year deal worth 33 million dollars. Juju is fresh off receiving for 933 yards and winning a championship. So the question is, is Juju a wide receiver?

That question is still unknown despite Juju being drafted in 2017. Juju has had multiple 1,000 yards receiving seasons or more, but he has rarely been featured. Even with Kansas City, he was the number two receiving option to Travis Kelce.

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This season will show if Juju is just an excellent wide receiver two or a receiver one who has been used as a receiver two. Regardless, this was a fantastic signing for the Patriots, and his ability to gain yardage after the catch is critical.

Kendrick Bourne Comeback

Kendrick Bourne received over 800 yards in his first season with New England, with a rookie Mac Jones, and in a run-first scheme. Many expected Kendrick Bourne to have a breakout year with an elite offensive coordinator in Bill O’Brien this season.

Bourne will likely be the wide receiver two, and considering Mac and Kendrick already have good chemistry from their first year, this could be the year Bourne truly breaks out.

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Tyquan Breakout

The Patriots drafted Tyquan in the second round during the 2022 NFL draft, and they had a lot of high hopes for him. In his rookie year, Tyquan went for 247 yards and two touchdowns. Tyquan ran an unofficial 4.21 40-yard dash and had blazing speed. Thornton provides a massive boost to the rate of the Patriots’ offense.

Similarly to Bourne, having an elite offensive coordinator should help Tyquan significantly. Thornton will be in a secondary position, and if he is used along with Juju and Bourne, Thornton can do what he does best: speed down the field.

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