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Why This NBA Star Heading For A Homecoming Would Be A Big Mistake

James Harden is reportedly expected to join the Rockets. Here is why that would be a big mistake.

After numerous experiments in Houston with Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Russell Westbrook, it was clear the Rockets didn’t have the star talent to build a contender around Harden.

James Harden requested a trade in the 2021 season, and he was later traded to the Nets to form a star trio of James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. After one year, due to friction with Kyrie missing time due to personal reasons, Kevin Durant being injured, and Harden growing frustrated with his team’s availability he requested a trade again.

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Harden got traded to the 76ers, forming a star duo of James Harden and Joel Embiid. In his first year, James Harden seemed to have lost his burst. He was averaging 21 points on 40/30 shooting. While this isn’t relatively bad, it’s not the Harden most people got accustomed to seeing. In his prime, Harden was able to average 15 more points than he did currently.

James Harden sacrificed 15 million dollars so the 76ers could bring in P.J. Tucker, but that wasn’t enough. The 76ers were bounced out in the second round, and again Harden seems to want to join another team.

While the 76ers have some work to do, such as getting a new coach and trading Tobias Harris, James Harden would be the perfect fit for the 76ers. He can be the second option and be the primary passing threat, while Tyrese Maxey hopefully emerges as the star two scorers. Going to Houston wouldn’t make much sense for either side.

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If the 76ers can trade Tobias Harris who is currently on a max contract, allow young star Tyrese Maxey to have more opportunity, and sign or trade for veterans who are 3-D specialists, the 76ers roster has the potential to compete.

Can A Star Like Harden Flourish In A Rebuild?

Harden wants a championship, and the 76ers allow him the best opportunity to do so playing alongside a star MVP candidate in Joel Embiid and a good team. The Rockets are at least two years away from making a push toward the playoffs, and Harden wouldn’t match their timeline.

They do have the number four pick, and some promising young contributors. But in this age, that simply may not cut it. Unless Harden has given up on the title chase, this move would be a bad move for both sides.

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