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The Brewers Could Be Relocating From Milwaukee For This Crazy Reason

Could The Brewers be looking for a new city to play in?


The Milwaukee Brewers could be finding a new home if they do not meet MLB’s commissioner Rob Manfred’s plan. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Tony Evers need to approve a plan to finance $448 million of long-term renovations at American Family Field.  

If the team does not meet this plan they could be forced out of Milwaukee and will have to end up in a new city.

I don’t know how bad the stadium is, but it must be bad enough for them to have to put in $448 million of work over 20 years.

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Manfred states that they don’t want to be like the Oakland Athletics, who will be moving to Las Vegas due to stadium issues.

Milwaukee Is Way Nicer Than Oakland

I have to say just by looking at American Family Field it doesn’t come close to that dump in Oakland. It only took the MLB many years to finally say we had enough of Oakland and get the team out of there.

I mean there was a possum living in the ceiling of the visitor’s broadcast booth earlier this season in Oakland and the MLB had no issue with it but for some reason, Milwaukee must go through all these upgrades to keep the team.  

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Brewers Fans Are Amazing

If you have ever been to a Brewers game, then you know those fans are amazing. They have one of the best fan bases in the sport and they even tailgate before games.

They are very passionate about their team and if the MLB even thinks about moving them that would be the biggest mistake they could make. 

There are so many other ballparks out there that need work like the Tampa Rays play in a garage for crying out loud.

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I love Milwaukee and that city deserves to keep their team and it should never be taken from them. 

The Brewers will one day win a World Series in the city of Milwaukee!

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