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This Raiders Star Had Significant Surgery This Offseason

The Raiders are all ready in trouble after this star player had surgery.


The Las Vegas Raiders picked Jimmy Garoppolo to replace Derek Carr for this upcoming season.

After signing his contract, the newly signed Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo underwent surgery on his left foot in March.

Josh McDaniels Response

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels did not discuss the foot procedure that Garoppolo underwent, but he is confident in how his foot has been developing. The former San Francisco 49er is expected back by training camp.

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“He’s going through his process just like we knew he would,” McDaniels said Thursday via The Athletic when asked about his quarterback’s inability to participate in OTAs.

McDaniels is not worried about Garopolo’s injury because the Raiders do not have a game for about 100 days.

“Nothing has happened that would surprise us based on the information we had. We don’t play a game for about 100 days. Everything that’s happened since we signed Jimmy, we knew ahead of time. Certainly had an awareness of all of it. Our preference is not to push it and rush anybody back at this point in time.”

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Garoppolo’s Injury

Garoppolo suffered the injury in December 2022; the San Francisco 49ers doctors said the foot did not require surgery. When the quarterback went to sign his contract on March 16th, he left the Raiders facility without signing the contract.

Garoppolo signed the next day, but league sources told The Athletic that the Raiders discovered in a physical that Garopppol would need surgery, so he did not sign on March 16th.

With Garoppolo being out in the OTAs, he misses quality time with the Raiders receiving core to get used to each other. 

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Garoppolo’s Contract

But Garoppolo is at the facility and is watching film and talking to new teammates to get familiar with each other. It is the best thing he can do for right now. The Raiders signed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a three-year $67.6 mill deal, including $34 million guaranteed.

This past season before getting hurt, Garoppolo passed for 2,437 yards, 16 touchdowns, and just four interceptions; he completed 67.3 of his passes.

In his time in San Francisco, Garoppolo threw for 13,599 yards with 82 touchdowns and 42 interceptions while completing 67.6% of his passes. 

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Garopolo already knows the McDaniels offense and is 40-17 as a starter, and if he can remain healthy, the Raiders’ offense could be good.

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