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Welcome to Stadium Rant, formerly known as Border Fuel, a sports and culture media network brought to you by voices from all across the world. In this note, I hope to let you know who we are, how we got here, and where we plan to go in the future.

Our team is made up of over 100 active staff members. Collectively, our agenda from Day 1 has been to create a platform for thought-provoking individuals, at any stage of life, to express themselves and their opinions without remorse or content restrictions. However, there is something even more unique about what we are doing here.

Where most media outlets provide written or audio or on occasion video resources to promote themselves and their voices, we are here to do all three and to do them well. Obviously, we have not “arrived”, but our objective will always be to perfect those avenues and promote our team’s voices more and more.

With that said, our focal point has grown from providing these platforms for individuals and has begun to grow into communities. This development has already begun to take shape with our NFL team sites, of which we have one for all 32 teams.

As part of this expansion, not only will you see 32 NFL team sites, which will create an avenue for hundreds more voices to be promoted, but we will also be releasing a full-throttle Front Page site right here. This will be coming down the line in June of 2022 and will include positions for individuals to explore their interests and opinions in not only sports, but also entertainment, music, culture, and much more!

We are excited about all of that. but none of it matters without you and the many other voices out there that have an opinion and deserve to be heard. That said, please make sure to visit our opportunities site to apply for these open positions that we’ve created, and let’s take this thing to the next level together!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about Stadium Rant and I look forward to the future of fan-driven media.

Keaton Henry, President of Stadium Rant