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Why join the Stadium Rant team?

Stadium Rant is a homegrown and organically developed sports network. This means that our network is not only a top destination for some of the web’s best fan-developed sports content, but we also feature unique opportunities for those looking to get their start in the sports media industry.

What/who are we looking for?

We aren’t just looking for lukewarm fans. Our featured writers and managing editors need to be top-notch fans, “experts” if you will and have the drive to push their site to achieve new heights. Building the best fan network takes passion and determination, but most of all a love for your sports and your teams.

Similarly, our contributing writers are the force that drives everything within our network. Being a contributing writer for our network means that you will push to find the best storylines across the web and put your take and your fandom into your writing each time you post content.

What do feature writers do?

Features writers make up the bulk of the top-line content for our Front Page site. This is a larger commitment than most positions within our network and is required to submit at least four content pieces weekly. Clean copy and a top-notch understanding of the media world at large are a must.

What do managing editors do?

In addition to writing regularly, managing editors recruit other writers, and edit and schedule other pieces. Managing editors decide what gets published on the team pages, and will work with Stadium Rant management for training and guidance. This is a larger time commitment than site contributing writers.

What do contributing writers do?

Typically, contributing writers write at least twice a week on topics of their choosing, although alternative arrangements can be worked out with their managing editor.

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